In this job abundant market, trying to secure exceptional candidates has become like dating!!!

Currently the power is in the hands of job seekers, with the most active ones in the current market having multiple options at one time to choose from.

Working with new clients, I am constantly hearing how long they’ve been looking to secure someone for an urgent vacancy, or they have missed out AGAIN on their preferred candidate.

how can you secure the best talent?

BE MORE INTERESTING – Candidates more than ever are hitting the job boards to find work. 1000’s of roles are currently being advertised, so make sure your adverts pique the interest of prospective jobseekers by taking time to make them informative and interesting.

BE MORE EXCITING – Sell how great your company is, how GREAT the role is and what VALUE a jobseeker will get from you professionally and personally by joining your team/organisation throughout the process.

BE MORE UNDERSTANDING – Understand what your competitors are offering. What are the salaries and benefits being offered in the market, do they offer hybrid or WFH options? What are their cultures like? This will ensure you keep competitive within the job market.

BE MORE CONSISTENT – Have a clear recruitment process. Pre book interview times and slots with hiring managers at the start of the process and stick to those where possible. Update the candidate during the process which will ensure better candidate engagement.

BE MORE FLEXIBLE, COMPROMISE – Don’t get stuck on the rare instance that a candidate ticked all your boxes, you could potentially be missing out on securing your next big hire. Where can you be flexible in regard to technical ability, their culture fit or their working patterns? THINK does the candidate have the ability to gain the technical knowledge quickly via training that you can provide?

BE QUICKER – Don’t drag out the recruitment or offer process; remember when an actively looking candidate is going through your recruitment process, they are also doing the same with multiple other companies.  STREAMLINE your recruitment process in a way that is prompt but effective at highlighting candidates’ key strengths and weaknesses. DON’T let your top candidate’s head get turned by a competitor whose process is more efficient.

EMPLOYERS/HIRING MANAGERS… What parts of your recruitment process have been working well for you? What issues have you had over the past 18 months securing the right talent?

JOBSEEKERS/EMPLOYEES… What’s important to you when going through the recruitment process with a prospective employer? What recruitment processes/experiences have impressed you?

RECRUITERS… What can we be doing better to improve our service to the clients?

We would love to hear your thoughts – please comment below!

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any of the points raised.

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