“In-house recruiters are just failed agency recruiters”

How many times have you heard this?

It’s something I have heard consistently throughout my career and having been a successful agency recruiter who has then gone ‘in-house’ before recently making a return to a consultancy, I think I can give a ‘real’ perspective to this statement.

Agency recruitment used to be ruthless, cut-throat and often made consultants feel like a number based on the amount of billings they could put on the board or how many KPI’s they churned out each week.

In-house recruiters; (particularly where companies used agency support) effectively became administrators coordinating a PSL and responding to candidates received from advertisements – if you are working in either of these environments still then it’s probably time to get out!

These roles shouldn’t be pitted against each other. I certainly didn’t feel like a ‘failure’ when I moved in-house; in fact, now I am working for an agency again I can hand on heart say my experience, credibility, perspective and understanding of working in-house for an organisation has immeasurably enhanced my capability and the overall experience I can provide to my clients.

This has become my USP.

An enhanced service for all….

My in-house experience has by far enhanced what I can offer to my clients and candidates now. I am able to relate to them far better than I used to, and my knowledge of employment law and HR best practice is greater than what might ordinarily be required when delivering services as an agency recruiter. Ultimately, I am able to offer a significantly better consultancy and advisory service to them.

“In-house can be a slower pace”, but not always.

“In-house means there’s no pressure to deliver” Myth. Your business has deadlines to deliver on-time and on-budget so it must be staffed!

“In-house means you can just use your agencies to find candidates”. And what when they can’t? What’s Plan B when you have no agency budget and need to find a unicorn?

Our challenges are in equal measure. Let’s take the stereotypes away. And a note to all agency recruiters…Your in-house recruiter clients will often be your biggest cheerleaders!

Want to know why I’m back in an agency role? One word, Copello.

Copello are looking for experienced recruiters who know what they are doing. There’s no silly whiteboards and KPI meetings, there’s no leader boards or unnecessary pressure. We do things differently. Visit us online to see for yourself.

If you would like to discuss anything in this post please contact Rachel. Equally we would love to hear your comments about in-house recruiters!

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