This vacancy rich market is putting candidates in a tricky situation (I NEVER THOUGHT ID SAY THAT!)

But it’s true!

For the first time in a very long time, the market is “vacancy rich” and “candidate short”.

In the last few months, I have had candidates with 3-4 offers on the table at once and they simply have no idea how to make a decision and the right choice, and how to tell people “thanks but no thanks”. Making snap decisions and accepting positions purely based on who throws the most money at them and then ghosting all the other clients…

In a market where everyone knows everyone, the last thing you want to do is burn bridges and create a bad name for yourself by handling things this way. 

how to manage the process if you find yourself in this situation:

– Keep communication open and honest from the beginning of the process. Tell the recruiter/ client that you are actively in the market and that you will be weighing up all of your options at the end of the processes

– Don’t enter into 10 different interview processes. Explore opportunities properly and fully, decide if you REALLY want to go ahead an apply for the company/ vacancy rather than wasting your time, the recruiters time and the clients time. 

– When making a decision, weigh up all of your options. Make a “pro’s & con’s list” for each opportunity. Don’t make a decision purely based on who will throw the biggest salary at you alone.

– Prepare for a counter offer way before the counter offer comes. Decide if you are “mentally checked out” of your current work place and if the frustrations you have could be resolved before you start your job search. You don’t want to known as a time waster.

– Remind yourself WHY you are looking for new opportunities regularly. How much have you explored these with the potential new employers to make an informed decision that is going to be right for you and them.

– STOP GHOSTING. Going radio silent and disappearing off the face of the planet is absolutely not the right thing to do. Give them an answer and be honest. Communication really is key here! 

Any other tips from other recruiters/ clients’ in my network!? Comment below!

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