When I first started in recruitment, which was 2005 (ahem), it was always suggested that CVs shouldn’t be any longer than 2 pages. Funnily enough, I still hear this and to me it’s a load of nonsense and can lead to disaster, particularly when a candidate decides to reduce the font to 6 to fit it all on the two pages!

However, some Hiring Managers will still dismiss candidates, who they feel, have a ‘long CV’. There is no hard and fast rule, but I personally think the below in terms of experience and CV length is reasonable:

Junior candidate – 0-2 years – 2 pages
Early Experience 3-5 years – 2-3 pages
Intermediate – 5-10 years – 3 pages
Senior – 10 years plus – 4 pages

cV Tips – the dos and don’ts!

If you have something to say and feel it’s important, it probably is, so say it! Don’t leave it out because of space.

Stick to a clear layout (I will add one to my profile which might help).

Only have detail on roles for the last 10 years, beyond that a list of jobs will be fine.

Stick to the rule of 3 – put 3 clear achievements for each role under a brief synopsis of your position.

If you have been at one company for a long time but in different roles, separate the positions and achievements.

Education at the bottom unless you are a school leaver / graduate put academic education and then professional education / accreditations – don’t list every training course you have been on only ones that are widely recognised.

CV don’ts
(These are just my opinion!)

Photos – aren’t necessary for a CV – most employers will look you up on a social if they want to see you, I would leave them out.

Please, please, please don’t rate yourself on skills – it’s not tangible to anyone giving yourself 5 stars in excel or 75% for communication (plus it’s a formatting nightmare for a recruiter).

Avoid colours – if they are printed it isn’t likely to be in colour so will look messy.

Keep the font consistent and the font size consistent – stick to 10pt and 12pt for headers.

Don’t refer to yourself in the third person. Just don’t.

Feel free to contact me or any of the Copello team members for help with your CV.

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