Over the past week I have had several conversations around Employer Branding which won’t come as a surprise as it is such a hot topic at the moment amongst our clients, and for us internally at Copello.

In a market where there are fewer skilled workers actively applying for roles, Employer Branding and Value Proposition needs to be taken as a key consideration in attracting more people to the business.

According to LinkedIn, over 75% of those looking for a new role will take the time to research the employer branding before applying. I am sure there are lots of people out there who have all had a little sneaky peak on both LinkedIn and maybe even some of the other social media platforms to see what you can find out about either the business or the team/person you could potentially be working for/with.

From experience, engaged employees and partners working with you can also do their part in enhancing your brand by simply bringing it to life with a few of these points:

– What the culture is really like including the day-to-day life in the office and company events.

– Sharing their passion about the company they are working for and the technology they are working with, this will certainly be a point of interest amongst Engineers.

– Giving a true reflection of what the “flexible working” looks like. There will be some out there who have been stung by this before and are a bit apprehensive above moving somewhere without the perks of flexibility and a better work/life balance. It’s also particularly good for improving Diversity.

– Employees sharing news around promotions and other company announcements will expand your business outreach. Perhaps a quick win would be to communicate when an article or post is added to LinkedIn so that it can be liked, shared and commented on.

– Information around the benefits package and how it differs from others, there might be something unique the company are doing that’s worth shouting about.

I know there is so much more that can be covered. I am interested to hear how you are adding value to your Employer Branding and what you like to mention? Comment below!

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your Employer Branding and what you can do to improve it.

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