It’s surprising the number of companies I have worked with where interview training has never taken place.

When you first start interviewing it’s usually a 5/10 minute meet the candidate at the end of the interview. It’s a manager’s way of getting buy in for what they’re doing and making senior teams members engaged.

Next it’s likely that they’ve asked you to sit in and a ‘Senior’ Manager takes the lead, thumbing through a CV.

Then it’s your turn, it’s the first hire where the decision is yours. That’s pressure in itself but you’ve also had no training. Here’s a few tips to help:

– Prepare. As in actually prepare rather than reading a candidates CV 5 mins before.

– Think structure. Have a clear idea of how you want the interview to flow. Intros, technical questions, values and the person has a nice flow to it.

– If you are interviewing with someone else, agree how you’ll wrap things up before. My guys know I close my interviews with a ‘do you have any questions for us’.

– Read the CV and get 5 questions that are relatable to your role which will explore experience.

– Look at a candidates LinkedIn profile, they may have recently posted something that will give you an insight into them. Ask about it.

– If it’s face to face, make sure your room is booked and clear. You don’t want to be running around finding a space with candidate in tow….it’s not challenge Anneka.

– If it’s via video, accept that technology can let people down. Just because someone’s broadband is rubbish doesn’t mean they’re a rubbish candidate.

– With the questions you have, don’t read them as a list, just be armed with them but let the conversation flow. Be authentic, people appreciate that and it demonstrates how you will be as a leader.

– Hire on values. Relatable values to you and your team will help someone settle quickly and do their best work. Write down 3 values based questions to ask.

– Sell your role and your business, make sure people leave wanting to work for you, particularly in a candidate driven market.

– Avoid the whacky questions you’ve just googled like ‘where would you hide a dead body?’ – I’ve been there, you think you are being different but it’s just cringe and doesn’t help 😬 🤦🏻‍♂️

Any other tips for interviewers? We would love to hear them, comment below!

Feel free to contact me if you want help with your interviewing techniques.

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