1. Prepare, it can be easy to think a video interview is less formal and doesn’t need as much preparation. If you don’t prepare the silences appear a lot more awkward on video call. Quick example, a recent candidate on interview was asked what they know about the business and the interviewer said they could actually see the candidate Google them as they asked. Worst part, they started talking about a company that wasn’t even the one they were interviewing for! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
2. Make sure your tech works, check it out with a family member or your recruiter. Particularly if it’s a piece of software you haven’t used and you will be expected to share a screen.
3. Get the interviewers contact details, ideally a phone number in case you have a tech problem on the day.
4. Make sure your camera is in front of your face and you can see your whole face. No one wants a side profile while you’re talking or to see your forehead or nostrils….something my mum is an expert at on Granny facetimes!
5. Blur out your background, it means that there are no mishaps or distractions and ensure you are at least smart casual in dress (at least the top half anyway!)
6. Lighting, consider where you are sat and how you look on the camera. For instance, if I sit in my dining room with a dark green wall behind me I look like a ghost 👻
7. Questions, make sure you have questions ready about the role, team and company. Be interested!
8. Remember this is still an interview so be professional and don’t become too relaxed. A candidate was so comfortable in an interview that they decided to show the interviewer a pen they had whittled out of wood….the role was not a carpenter!

Finally something for every interview, be the best version of yourself, relax and enjoy it.

To everyone who have interviews coming up, good luck!

Feel free to contact me if you want help preparing for an interview.

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