Should you tell your employer that you are unhappy and that you are thinking of leaving?


Should you go about your job search, go through the full interview processes, and not mention anything until you are handing in your notice and have already signed a new contract?

What really is the right thing to do here?…

I have PERSONALLY played out both scenarios… and in my opinion, I always think that honesty is KEY and is the best route to take here.

Telling your employer

It gives your current employer the chance to over come any issues and make changes around the things that aren’t making you happy.

It also shows your current employer that you are loyal, and that there is a huge amount of trust there. Remember that trust is EARNT (not just given), and this is a great way to build trust.

It also avoids wasting time – your time, and the potential new employers time.

Otherwise, you go to resign and your current employer offers to change the things making you unhappy, and you decide to stay… this then results in you letting the new employer down after a sometimes very lengthy interview process.


I do appreciate that not everyone has a strong enough relationship with their current employer/ line manager/ director to FEEL COMFORTABLE enough to have this conversation.

AND, if you have already “mentally checked out”… is there any point in having that conversation anyway?!

I would say yes (personal opinion only!)…

You are giving them the truth, as well as the chance to find your replacement before you leave.

You can also share your honest thoughts on the experience, and advise on things to think about when hiring the next person that steps into your role! So technically, your still helping them out and showing an element of loyalty… 

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this

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